‘Aarogaya’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the wellness of one’s mind, body, and soul’. Its mission is to focus on not just the treatment but also on early diagnosis and the steps that can be taken to prevent cancer. Aarogya.me is a responsive design website developed for the cancer prevention conference that took place on the 13th of May 2018. The website is highly responsive across all platforms and devices, giving it a great UX and UI.


Aarogaya is a one-page website with all the crucial information accessible by either scrolling or clicking – this gives the website a seamless UI and an immersive UX which makes Aarogaya easy to use and register for the campaign it was created for.

Mobile Responsive

Aarogaya.me has a responsive design code which is compatible across all platforms and systems. It very important for a campaign of this magnitude to have more avenues to spread the word.


Aarogaya.me came out to be a splendid website with just a single page making it a great UX, UI. It works across many platforms and devices as well as connects with people and the cause to make people aware of cancer and have them attend the conference for cancer awareness.

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