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About Datagets

Datagets gives you back power and money that is rightfully yours. Most privacy aware platform where regular people decide what data they want to share with whom, sellers get paid directly everytime their data is purchased and remove data broker from middle-men.


The data are aggregated to create individual profiles, often made up of thousands of individual pieces of information, such as a person's age, race, gender, height, weight, marital status, religious affiliation, political affiliation, occupation, household income, net worth, home ownership status, investment habits, product preferences and health-related interests. Brokers then sell the profiles to other organizations that use them mainly to target advertising and marketing towards specific groups, to verify a person's identity including for purposes of fraud detection, and to sell to individuals and organizations so they can research people for various reasons. Data brokers also often sell the profiles to government agencies, such as the FBI, thus allowing law enforcement agencies to circumvent laws that protect privacy.


The visual design of Datagets leverages the trust factor from the company datagets branding in terms of the colors used. In addition to this, the Design of dtagets is such that the user is always guided throughout using small animations, detailed videos, and colorful interfaces. The typeface used is Roboto, which is quite easy to read. The typography has been picked keeping in mind the heavy mobile usage and also ensuring good quality on lower end phones too.

Gradients have been introduced for a fresh look-and-feel. Customized illustrations have played a very important role in conveying the meaning of data driven country terms to users. It is through these that the user can understand and identify sections of the app better. Every section and component of paytm Money is enriched with icons to combat the strong presence of numbers and text.


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