Go Charge


With the growing number of mobile devices and an increasing number of apps on these devices, it’s very essential for a business or an entity to have an app of its own. We build apps that are not only functional but design-centric as well. One of the apps we have worked on is GoCharge – a mobile recharge app with a single interaction system, fewer icons, and slide up and slide down functionality.

About the App

Go Charge is an online utility bill payments app. Designed for a younger audience like college-going students and working professionals. Keeping in mind the one thumb rule, the app is basically designed to function with minimal effort.


The single interaction functionality we have integrated expanded the view of cards and services with the notification bell along with the payment options – all of this is set in an orderly fashion without making the user go back to the previous screen. We have made the UX and UI the top priority of this project.


We created little gifs and animations for the app’s mascot. It pop-up as soon as you open up the app, making it a fully immersive app.




The outcome of the app turned out to be phenomenal – making it user-friendly and a crowd pleaser. The unique UX and UI design along with the creative animation and gifs make it a great mobile recharge app.

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