Krafts Karvan


‘Kraft Karavan’ is a responsive design project. We worked on the design aspects of this website, making it compatible across devices with great user interaction. The main focal points of the Kraft Karavan project is UX, UI, and responsive design. As it is a textile-based website, we have used 2 colour combinations, red and white, with a navigable UI and enriching UX


Kraft Kravan is a multiple page website with easy navigation from the top header to the main menu and a dropdown section alongside the logo. The UX is aesthetically appealing, giving it a premium feel with the pleasant colour combination and simple yet efficient UI.


Kraft Karavan is built for being compatible across all platforms and devices. It has also been made mobile responsive for easy accessibility.




The engaging UX/UI combined with an attractive colour combination as well as its ease of use and accessibility has given ‘Kraft Karavan’ the much-needed edge to stand out in the industry.

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