Samatva India


Samatva is a design based NGO implementing design solutions focused on development in the rural areas. We have designed Samtava to be a user-friendly website with an emphasis on the branding to make a lasting impression that spreads the word.


We have designed Samatva to be a one-page website with all the crucial information presented in a scrollable format. This helps the user to glide through all the must-knows without having to lose track of the point from where he/she started.
Samatva India has a unique under-the-belly display with the images being hidden under little cutout content cards which makes for a feel of an amazing UX.

Mobile Responsive

Samatva India has been developed to make sure it runs across all platforms and devices. It has been made mobile responsive to make it accessible to a large number of the rural population who mostly do not have access to a personal computer.




Samatva India has been made into a simple yet elegant website. The one page UX with an all-responsive UI makes navigation easy.

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